Spartacus model

Recommended use : Military, Outdoor, Defense, EDC, Urban.

  • Hardened N690 Bohler steel, 60 HCR hardness with cryo
  • Total length * : 205 mm
  • Width : 35 mm
  • Thickness : 4.5 mm

*As each blade is cut by hand, the length may vary by a few millimeters..

On request (at no extra cost)

Possible customizations :

Construction of a G10 handle in two or more colors. Addition of a colored insert on the handle. Construction of a handle with the addition of a Border (e.g. Blue White Red Border). G10 handle construction + stabilized wood. Arizona's ironwood handle. Stabilized wood handle. Glass breaker at the end of the handle. Kydex or holstex sheath in camo (e.g. logo, phrase, initials, topographical map logo, etc.). Addition of a double-edged blade on certain pre-set blades (e.g. Kozak model). Manufacture of a second blackened Kydex sheath. Cerakote surface treatment (black, camo, other colors). Choose the full Stonewash finish (acid-blackened blade, then stonewashed). Choose the Stonewash + satin finish (top of the blade blackened and stone-washed, satin gloss finish).